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Fort Wayne Computer Service

Fort Wayne Computer Services

Fort Wayne Computer Services

Serving the Fort Wayne area with an emphasis on personal attention and support, Creative Bits can service your computer in-shop or make a trip out to your home or place of business to save the day!

Creative Bits will not only nurse your system back to safety but translate all of the computer technical mumbo jumbo in english. This will help you be educated and knowledgable about how your PC works so you can prevent problems from occurring and effeciently perform your every-day computing tasks.

Other Creative Bits Services

Creative Bits is a service orientated company business providing IBM compatible based computer repair services, upgrading and manufacture of IBM compatible personal based computers, software, and accessories such as motherboards, tape drives, memory, etc...

Creative Bits provides desktop publishing services, ad and logo graphic design, color printing, video capture, digital camera takes, and color and black & white scanning services. Also available are engineering plotter printer services and printing up to 36 inches wide on various forms of media.

We Make House Calls!

Service Rates:
$45.00 per hour: 8am - 6pm
$65.00 per hour: 6pm - 7am

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

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